It's not quite a quiver full, but it's a start!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Where it all began

Four years ago I was a new bride to a humble school teacher/baseball coach and trying to settle into "the American dream". Children were a maybe as far as the doctors were concerned, which meant we believed they would probably be non-existent (it's funny how your mind always goes straight to the worst case scenario). We got pregnant within three months of our wedding, shocking everyone including ourselves. After our sweet Maddox was born in April of '08 just a few weeks shy of our first wedding anniversary I settled into the role of "mom". Five months later on a Sunday morning in the bathroom of our church I had a miscarriage. Devestated and believing our successful pregnancy with Maddox was a fluke I tried to get used to the idea of having only one child. God, however, decided one was just not enough and in September of '09 and June of '11 we welcomed Eden and Kason to the mix! Now I'm trying to do absolutely everything I can to fullfill this ministry God has called me to. Some are called to preach, others to teach, and others are called to far off lands. I, however, was called to "simply" be a mommy. I put simply in quotes because there are some days I think it would be much easier to pack my bags and head off to Africa! This is a story of my ministry. Follow my failures, my triumphs, and everything in-between as I sharpen my arrows for the battlefield and try to fill my quiver!

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