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Sunday, February 26, 2012

God LONGS to Be with You

In the beginning when God created the Earth, He walked among His creation. He walked through the garden with Adam and Eve, talking with them. It wasn't until sin entered the picture that God had to separate Himself from man, yet even then He continued to find ways to be with them. Speaking to them audibly, appearing to them in dreams, making covenants with them. God desperately desired a relationship with a fallen creation. Even when the world became so wicked that He wished He had never even created it, He found Himself so filled with compassion for His creation that He still longed to save it.

In Exodus, The presence of God led the Israelites in the form of a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. God instructed Moses to construct the Ark of the Covenant, and filled it with His presence and symbols of His covenant with His people as a constant reminder to them that He was among them. God desperately desires to be among His people, loving them, leading them. He seeks to remind us of His presence and power in all that He does. He longed for a relationship with us so much that His own presence, in the form of Jesus Christ, came as a man to dwell among us, paving the way for something even better.

I've always wished I could have been blessed to have been on the earth during the life of Christ. To see Him, to walk with Him, to learn from Him. It wasn't until recently that I learned of the blessing of this time here on Earth. In the here and now, we are still called into His presence. In fact, we are constantly in His presence, or maybe a bit more accurately, He is in ours. Jesus stated in Luke, that He must leave to pave the way for us to do even better things than He had done while on Earth. He promised us a helper to endwell in us, to lead us the same as the God of the Old Testament, to teach us the same as Jesus, and to empower us in a way that had not been done before. God longed so desperately to be with us that His own Son, was led to the slaughter in order to pave the way for the Holy Spirit to endwell in His people.

God provided a permanent bridge to cross the gap that separated Him from His creation when sin entered the world. Now there are no boundaries. He endwells us, filling us with His Spirit. He empowers us with greater strength than we could ever imagine, strength to fulfill any calling He places on us. God is in us, and through us does great and powerful things. Despite all of our short comings, God longs for us to allow Him to enter in, to allow Him to change our hearts, to be sanctified unto Him, and for us to ultimately spend eternity in His Holy presence just as He had created us.

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