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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Passion is the Seed That Leads to Change

It all starts with an idea. That idea causes our hearts to beat faster, our brains to work harder, and our hands itch to dig in. We want to "get dirty". This leads to an ongoing relationship with that idea. We begin to live it, to breathe it, it becomes an all-out passion in us. This passion, this constant desire to act on this idea, the willingness to do whatever it takes to get it done, is the seed that leads to change. Once the seed of passion has been planted in us there is no going back.

This month I am going on a journey of passion. Sparked by that moment I saw the seed on passion being planted in my friend, knowing the importance that moment will have on the Kingdom, I am excited to be digging into passion and exploring what impact passion has on our desire for revolution. After all, I did make a resolution for revolution this year. My whole inspiration for this year is action. Not just determining a course of action, but actually taking that action. This year it is all about a sudden, complete, and marked change. The way this change is going to happen is through passion. When God has been preparing your heart, when it becomes fertile soil ready to welcome the seed of passion, and when that seed of passion is planted, revolution is right around the corner!

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