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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Year's Revolutions

Every year we make our resolutions. {Resolution: Determining upon an action or a course of action.} We think about what needs to change. Our diet, our weight, spending more time relaxing, growing spiritually. Those areas that we wish we could do something about, but feel helpless to do anything with...until the new year comes around and we gather up the resolve to do something about it. The problem is, we determine the course of action such as going to the gym, taking more vacation time, getting up early to spend time in the Word, and we might (maybe, if we're really determined) stick with it for a little while until our resolve runs out. But that's okay because there's always next year right? This year, I am making a Resolution for Revolution! {Revolution: A sudden, complete, or marked change in something} I will not just plan what actions need to be taken and try to follow through. The areas in my life that need work, well, those areas will be marked by actual change rather than wishful thinking. 

As Christians we understand a little bit about revolution. When we made the decision to follow Christ it was a turning point in our lives. It marked a change in us. If we truly made the decision to follow Christ there was a sudden change in us, complete, and one that others took notice of. But, as Christians, we understand the #1 secret to true revolution...that it had absolutely nothing to do with us. So this year I Resolve to Revolve! Because I understand that these changes I want to make cannot come about through my own planning, my own desires. These changes can only come about through the power of God, through His purpose for my life. If I follow His will, indulge in The Word, listen for His voice, let Him direct my path, trust Him completely with my life, then I can accomplish all of these things I see as failures in my life. If I rely on His powers then I can become perfect in Him. So I will revolve around Him.

The greatest thing about the resolution for revolution is that it will end this cycle of regret, of worthlessness, of failed resolve. Revolution means there will be no more need for resolutions! I will no longer look at myself through my own eyes, the eyes of criticism, the eyes that see only failure. I will look at myself through God's eyes, through eyes that see purpose, through eyes that see me perfectly restored to Him. When I see myself through His eyes, when I live His life for me, there will be no more feelings of worthlessness because in Him I am worth everything. I am worth enough for Him to sacrifice His precious Son, the flesh of Himself, that I could be restored to Him. I am worth enough for Him to indwell inside of me as Spirit. And for every day that He provides me breath to continue, if my day is dedicated to His purpose for me, I have the greatest purpose of all. I can change the World. But not just change the World for the World's sake, change the World for all eternity. Can you imagine what would happen if this year, as Christians, we all made the resolution for revolution? Can you even begin to perceive the changes this next year would bring? I know I can't. I can't even begin to imagine what God can do with a nation filled with people completely, totally dedicated to Him. Completely and totally changed. Just the evidence of change in our lives would be enough to lead hundreds to Christ, not even counting those who would be saved by our actions, by our love, by our correctly carrying out the message. Now that would be a revolution!


  1. Love the perspective here of no more resolutions, and how it can "end this cycle of regret, of worthlessness, of failed resolve"!

    Well said, and thanks for sharing!

  2. "I will no longer look at myself through my own eyes, the eyes of criticism, the eyes that see only failure. I will look at myself through God's eyes, through eyes that see purpose, through eyes that see me perfectly restored to Him." What a great approach to life! Thanks for sharing this post, and thanks for linking up to NOBH!

  3. "Revolution" doesn't always conjure up a positive image, but it is a wonderful word to describe what Christians should strive for. After all Jesus was the ultimate revolutionist.

    I look forward to seeing God work in and through you this year. God bless you!

  4. Lynda, when I was writing it I kept thinking of the violence behind the word "revolution". Sometimes wondering if it was really conveying what I wanted it to. In the end, I realized that we have to "violently" want to change in order to actually do it. We have to get serious and take action against whatever it is holding us back. I do need to have a revolution in my life...throwing out the ungodliness and waging a war against the flesh! After thinking it over, I figured revolution was the perfect word. Not pretty, but perfect!


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