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Saturday, May 26, 2012

The New 21 Days!

"The fervent prayer of a righteous {mom} avails much." James 5:17

21 Days ago I invited you to join me at the MOB (moms of boys) Society in prayer over our sons. We were to pray fervently, specifically, intentionally, scripturally, and deeply over them. This challenge came at the perfect time for me since I have been feeling led to have a daily, specific, thoughtful prayer life. As in all other areas that God lays on my heart to change about my own life, He is also laying it on the hearts of many others. This is a challenge that mothers and bloggers have been doing for quite a while now and how nice to be able to have a support system of life-minded women. When I'm trying to wade through the murkiness of my life and to break down the protective walls I have spent a lifetime building around my heart it's nice to have other women along for the journey. That's hard stuff to do on your own. We need the accountability, we crave the encouragement, we are social beings who were created to help hold each other up. We were not made to do it alone. So how exciting is it to be able to join with other moms who signed up for this challenge!

I decided at the beginning of the 21 Days of Prayer for our sons that for every one's sake I would just do one big recap, but let me be honest, I'm mostly glad that I didn't decide to do daily posts because most days it would have been missing. I found their site so difficult to follow along with and all but only 5 days I couldn't even find the post about what it was we were praying for that day. I couldn't find it posted on their FB site, I couldn't find it posted on their blog, I just couldn't wade through the many other posts that were made on those days to actually find the prayer challenge posts. It was so frustrating that I decided to not participate in the 21 days. I want to let you know that if you had a hard time following along with them, you definitely were not alone! I am so glad that God does not hold us to a daily timeline, and that it doesn't matter to Him if we start our 21 days today or if we started them a month ago. So praise God for that!

I have since waded through all of the past month's posts on their site to gather the topics (at the very end when I only had 3 topics left to find I found the link to the posts all together in one place, don't you just love how that happens!) and now I can say that I will finally be able to start the 21 days of prayer for my sons!!! I hope that some of you had an easier time following along than I did. I'm very disappointed that I found it so difficult to do so with their site, but Satan does love to mess things up when it comes to the important things. SO better late than never and here are the topics of the 21 Days of Prayer! If you would like to read the posts on each day in detail on the MOB site you can find the 21 Days posts here and use the newer and older arrows to go from day to day.  However, I have decided that I will do an "unofficial" 21 Days of Prayer challenge on my own page, so feel free to just follow along with me.

I read the book Warrior Prayers: Praying the Word for Boys which was the inspiration for the challenge and I fell in love with it. Praying and praying specifically are not really areas I struggle with if it's for a big thing or for something I'm familiar with. Praying specifically daily for the regular things that I am a little more "clueless" about is a little bit of a struggle, and if there is one thing I am definitely clueless about it is being a boy! Even tomboys are still girls with girl struggles and girl minds. It was great to have a little guidance when it came to praying for my sons and their very specific struggles and needs. Let's face it, there's going to be many thing I don't understand when it comes to my sons, but I can always, always fall on my knees before God and ask for wisdom and guidance. Join me for the next 21 days to get daily topics and Scriptures to pray over your sons.

So without further delay...let's start praying for our sons!

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  1. I am so grateful knowing you and so many other moms praying over their sons. You are growing up fine men and future husbands!


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