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Sunday, May 6, 2012

This Love is so Deep

I find myself drowning, at times overwhelmed with the love of Jesus and just completely drowning in it. His love is so deep, deeper than anything I have ever known. No matter what I have done and what I will do, His arms are always open wide to welcome me in to them. I was separated from Him because of my own will, my own choices, and He chose to restore me unto Him in spite of that. He gave the most beloved of all gifts to rescue me because I was worth it to Him. His love for me was so deep that He reached down into the depths and pulled me out. All I had to do was grab hold of Him. This dance with God, wrestling at times, this beautiful, wonderful, and sometimes frightening journey is the most powerful of all relationships I have ever known. No matter how many times I push Him away, He is always there to bring me back again. In spite of my fears, my failures, my doubts. Even in the times when I can't truly believe He is who He says He is, in the times that I have trouble believing He will do what He says He will do, He still believes in me. And in those times He pulls me out of where I am and draws me back to Him.

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  1. When I became a Christian such a short while ago (around 6 years), I never would have understood your post. Having worked on growing in my relationship with Christ, though, I feel your joy at that deep and abiding love he offers.
    Thank you for that drink of him today!
    Thanks as well for sharing your wisdom at NOBH.


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