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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The average, every day life

If there's one thing my life is not, it's boring. Even beyond the hustle and bustle of having 3 kids under 4. It's not exciting as some would see it. I'm not a jet setter or a fashionista, I don't hold a position at a Fortune 500 company, I don't even have a life many would dream of, but my life is definitely full of excitement. In fact, I would bet if you looked back, if you began right now to keep track of your every day events, that you would realize just how un-boring you life really is. If you take the time, you will see the majesty in your mundane, everyday life.

Beyond even the majesty of the Universe. Its complexity, its beauty, its mystery. Beyond even the human body. Its design, its perfection, its strength. Looking into the human condition. Our desires, our needs, our hurts. Every single aspect of our lives points to a Creator who not only masterfully designed us, but who points us to Him at every opportunity. What did God do today to reveal Himself to you? Did you see it, did you miss it, did you ignore it? Have you finally realized that there is a power beyond yourself just waiting for you, drawing you in, desperate for you to find it?

I think the excitement of my life begins when I think back to my childhood, how I'm even still alive today. As a parent, don't you find yourself wondering that on a daily basis? You see your children doing something and you wonder how they didn't break their neck, you catch them at the precise moment they are about to put something in their mouth, you walk in to find your baby has just covered their face with a blanket and couldn't breathe. Why was I able throughout my childhood, throughout rebellious teenage years, throughout all of my irresponsible choices, able to make it? Why me, when so many others did not? Luck, chance, fate? GOD. As I became an adult, my life filled with "failures". Failed relationships, failed dreams, failed opportunities. Failure? Or GOD leading me in the direction He wanted me to go so that I could truly succeed? As I go through trials, seeing the beauty in the hard times, being thankful in all situations, seeing the change that comes through the hard times. Power of self, my own strength? Or GOD carrying me through? There is only one thing in common in all of these scenarios. GOD. It is not because of luck that I have survived, that I failed when I did and succeeded when I did, that I can survive the hardest moments of my life and come out better. It is not because of anything that I have done personally that I can stand here before you today, with the life that I have, with this attitude. There is no explanation for the blessings I have been given, overcoming certain diagnoses in my own life, seeing my son's journey through autism. There is nothing that can explain who I am today, what I have been through, where I am in my life, when everything has happened in it's perfect and glorious timing, and why it is the way that it is...nothing, other than God.

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  1. I really needed this today. Thanks.


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