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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Trials through family's journey

I normally don't share things on facebook about raising money. If I don't know the  family, even if I know the person who posted it, I just don't know if it is genuine or not. When my former associate youth minister posted this on facebook I immediately felt called to share it, so I posted it on my wall. A friend then asked where the family was from, and after asking Danielle if the family was local she shared this with me...

"They live in Texas and go to Gateway church with us. The Jones family is amazing!!!! They have four biological children and adopted a beautiful little girl last year from China. The 12 year old, that they are trying to adopt, is about to age out of the orphanage. When this happens if the orphanage is crowded, the kids are put on the streets. Many times these are the girls that are picked up for sex trade. Thanks for sharing their story!!!"

Here is some of the story from their site...

"The 'place' where she lives never started paperwork for her to be able to be adopted because they didn't think anyone would want her. In this 'place' once a child turns 14 they can NEVER be adopted. Even if they have a family waiting for them if the family does not have their Gotcha day before the 14th birthday they will NEVER be adopted. This girl is turning 14 at the end of February. Because the 'place' she is at just started paperwork for her to be able to be adopted it has left a VERY short, almost impossible time frame for anyone to be able to get through all the necessary steps to get to her in time... The lady at our adoption agency said to me yesterday, 'You realize you're pretty much asking us to do the impossible, to move mountains.' My response was, 'Yes, I realize that. But that's not a problem for God. He's in the mountain moving business.'"

My heart is so full for this family. Full of hope, full of anxiety, full of wonder. I cannot wait to see how God works in this situation, but I have a feeling it's going to be amazing and I have to share it. Please consider donating to the family or at least place them on your prayer list and flood the throne room of Heaven with prayers for this beautiful girl and this sweet family. You can buy a shirt from the family (it's super cute) to help out, donate, or just read more of their story by clicking here. Thank you so much, friends! I can't wait to share the ending to this story with you!

Check out their 8 weeks to adoption and the ending to their story!


  1. The response that God is in the mountain moving business always humbles me so, and reminds me that everything-big or little-I need to hand over to God, and not try to do alone.

    Thanks for sharing a lovely story. My prayers are with this child and this family.

  2. That was the part that touched me so much! I always love stories where God has the ability to "show off" as He has done so often with me. Even though there are no guarantees that this family will get this child, I believe God is going to do amazing things through this story!

    Thank you for all of the prayers! I know they appreciate it greatly!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing our story. We know God has big plans for this special girl. We would love for His plans to include making her a part of our family and we are doing everything in our power to make that happen. Thank you so much for your support and prayers.

  4. Kelli, I was so glad to share! I just felt God really calling me to make sure this story was made known! I will be anxiously awaiting details. No matter what the end result, I know God is moving. But, of course, we are praying that the end result will include you!


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