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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Prayer from an aching heart

The emptiness that the world leaves us is sometimes unbearable.
We try to be strong and to make it through intact, but the wounds, the scars, the brokenness that gets left behind is just a constant reminder of how weak we truly are.
God, we want to believe this world will be easy, or at the very least manageable.
We pray that the joy we feel in you would help us overcome all things.
But sometimes it is just too much. Too much loss, too much pain, too much loneliness.
Too much for me to carry, too much for me to understand, too much for me to want to take upon myself.
God, YOU DO IT. Do it all, carry it all, understand it all for me, TAKE IT ALL.
Bind these wounds that they may heal. Remove my scars. Stop the bleeding in my aching heart.
Lord, cover me, heal me, LOVE ME.
Catch my tears in your open hands, stop the shaking in my restless spirit, speak quietly to me. 
Let me feel you, draw close to me as I seek after You, cover me in your strength, complete yourself in my weakness.
Let me be a light shining in the darkness. Let that light burn brighter in the troubled times.
At the end, when looking back on my life, allow me to be able to look back in pride that I was able to handle myself with grace and dignity. God allow me to see only You when I look back on myself.
We praise you for the storm, we love you for the trying times, we seek you in the darkness.


  1. What a beautiful, sincere, and heart-wrenching prayer! It reminds me of Jesus' prayer in The Abbey of Gethsemane - complete anguish yet ultimate acceptance of The Plan. Sometimes I think that is when we are most real, at the intersection of pain and acceptance, because we are vulnerable and that makes us open to the pain of others. I too know the despair of longing to bind up a sorry world in something better and the frustration when it doesn't seem to be working. Whatever it is I know you will get through it and come out stronger because there is faith in you.

  2. I prayed this with you today. The burdens are so heavy, and the darkness so deep. I'm currently waiting for the Lord to guide me. I'm finding that trusting Him is a hard task at times, but I will do it. I'll do it for Him.

    Thank you for this beautiful prayer this morning.


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