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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Being a YES mom!

When my kids ask if they can do something, my answer will be, "Yes!" There will be no more qualms of getting dirty, or cold, or hot.

I will not be afraid of new adventures. I will not focus on the minuscule dangers that are present, but will embrace the lessons that can be learned.


We will play more, not wasting a second of the day.

                                              We will seek out the beauty of God's creation
                                                                               rather than hiding from it.

I will not say, "No" out of tiredness, hunger, or disinterest.
I will tell them, "Yes!" and we will see what happens!


  1. All those moments you are embracing are ones your children will remember with such joy and laughter, and they will never know how far out of your comfort zone you may have had to move in order to help create them. That must bring you so much satisfaction every day!

  2. It's strange how as a child I was so adventurous, but I am afraid to let my children experience the same things! I finally had to realize I'm not doing anyone (including myself) any favors by trying to keep them on the sidelines. It's definitely satisfying to see the good that comes out of venturing out of my comfort zone!

  3. I love this! I'm going to be a "yes" mom, too! Thanks for the encouragement!


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