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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Game Night!

One of my fondest memories of growing up was playing games with my family. We didn't have cable TV or even the Internet until I was a junior in high school (I'm only 26, so we were behind the times), and we had to find some way to occupy ourselves. I cherish these moments I had with my family. The laughter, the conversations, the teamwork, you just don't get that sitting around a television screen. So I will start a game night with my family. We will cherish the time we have when my hubby gets home from work, and we will laugh and learn with and from each other! I'm so ready to put the remote down, this is going to be fun!!!

Family game night for this week will include:
Simon Says
Making Thanksgiving cards to bring to our family and friends


  1. I love game night too. However my kids are going thru a stage where they can't handle losing or even the thought of losing in a game with no losers:( so we have had to put game night on hold until this passes and are working on this in other ways. thanks for linking up and enjoy game night as it is lots of fun:) Thanks for linking up to the NOBH

  2. Luckily, my kids are too young to even understand the "winning" and "losing" part yet. Maybe you should have a craft night instead. Still time with eachother to be creative and have fun, but no competition haha! Thanks for stopping by!


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