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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gracious Thanksgiving

Sunday as we did communion I was amazingly caught up in the moment. I always associate Christ's death with Easter, but remember the joyous resurrection. I don't know if I have ever actually lingered very long on thoughts of Christ's death. I do remember watching the "Passion of the Christ" and while He was hanging on the cross begging Him not to do it, begging Him to show His power, to come off of the cross, to not let the bad guys "win". Obviously, His death was the only way there could be true victory, but as I ate the cracker and drank the juice I was caught up in what His death meant in terms of Thanksgiving. His death is the reason why I can be thankful, the reason there is hope. Because of His grace I can be grateful. So this Thanksgiving, I will add to my list of 1,000 a few things that I have never found myself thanking God for...

I am eternally thankful for Jesus's body being broken for me,
for His humiliation,
for the pain and torment He had to suffer,
for His blood that was spilled with no regret,
for His flesh torn with such hatred from His bones,
for the holes pierced into His body,
for the sheer pain God faced as His beloved son, the flesh of Himself, was killed,
for the heart that had sacrificed to become man,
for the heart that was forced to stop beating all because of me,
for the victory that was won that day,
for the hope His death brings,
for the purpose rather than worthlessness He has given me,
for the joyous resurrection,
for the love He has for me even though it is I who forced Him onto the cross, that it was I who forced Him to die,
for His abundant grace,
for His gracious provision so that I can be gracious to others,
for the gratitude He has brought to my life,
for sacrificial love,
for everyday reminders,
for the God of the Universe to think more of me than He does Himself.

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