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Monday, November 14, 2011

The Beauty of the Inner Spirit: Anti-Feminists

Sometimes I come across a post that I just have to share, a post that stirs my spirit. Women, remember the calling God placed on us from creation. Are you trying to be super woman or an abiding woman? Are you mothering out of yourself or through God's powers? Keep all of this in mind and click on the image below to read how we are called to be Anti-Feminists! Hopefully this challenges you the way it did me. Even if you don't agree 100% I hope it helps you to get a better picture of who you are as a woman of God.


  1. I've got to say, I'm really on the fence about this one. And because I love a healthy debate, here's why... In many ways, I am a feminist. I believe greatly in equal pay for equal work and all that jazz. I believe that women can and should be strong contributong members of society. I don't believe that a man should be able to get out of all housework, child-rearing, and "domestic duties" for no other reason than because he is a man.
    At the same time, I hope to one day (soon!) get to be barefoot and pregnant, baking pies, sewing curtains, and teaching my children how to love. I think that if a woman has the privilege (yes I believe it's a privilege) to be a SAHM, then the house and children are her "job" and those responsibilities will primarily fall on her shoulders. Marriage is a partnership, though, and God created us to help our husbands - not do everything for them. If all the man does is work, and the wife does absolutely everything else, then that's not really a team. On a related note, if both spouse's are working out of the home full time, i really really think everything else should be 50/50. Also, if all of your kids are in gradeschool or above (not homeschooled) i don't really get why a woman shouldn't/couldn't work at least part-time.

    Some of the phrasing of the post you linked toreally does give me pause though. I believe women should be cautious when stating that "women can't". I understand that she is writing in light of our culture, where we are free to make choices to work or stay home, go to college, marry, etc. But it was only a century ago that we were considered second class citizens and had very little opportunities. Women are still being gravely oppressed across the world. Saying things like "it's the woman's place" can be dangerous. In some ways we should all be feminists.

  2. Kara, I know exactly what you mean about wording, but this post definitely made me think and I know she was just writing her own personal convictions. I definitely don't think she was speaking of oppressing women, but in giving them freedom to do their job as women without feeling "worthless".

    What I took from it is that women, by trying to equate ourselves with men, are actually harming themselves rather than helping. Women have a great and truly important calling that our society has decided to try to tear down rather than build up, so we feel the only way we are worth something is to be the world's idea of "successful". Just reading Prov 31 shows God's view of a perfect woman includes work(she bought and sold real estate, made clothes, etc.), but EVERYTHING she did was for the good of her family and not out of her own selfish desire to appear "good" and "successful". Despite the oppressive culture of the Bible, scripture held women in high regard and lifted her up!

    I had a friend who felt she had to work outside of the home for financial reasons (because that's what everyone does), when they started Dave Ramsey she noticed her entire paycheck went to daycare and car payments. What a waste that 40 hours a week seemed to her when she saw what she was working for! I loved the point she stated in the blog about the power a woman has to change the world simply by raising her family. How true, and inevitably isn't that we are all trying to do?

    Thanks for your comments! I love a good debate too (as long as it's nice and clean haha). I really did want to hear comments on this one. Especially since it is something so outside of the "norm".


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