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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Who Said God Doesn't Speak?

I have been praying since this blog began that God would continue to speak to me. That affirmation of my words would be continuous, so I would not become influenced by other's opinions and that I would know God's work was being done. I have prayed that when the opposition came I could stand firm, having confidence in what was said. Like I said in my post of Thanksgiving, when God sends His revelations He does it with confirmation, affirmation, and perfect timing, and He leaves no doubt that it was He who was speaking. On my daily search of blogs I came upon one today that left me completely breathless. Post after Post after Post spoke words of affirmation to me! It was one of those moments when I heard the voice of God speaking the words into my soul providing encouragement and life to my weary spirit. To God be all the glory and I praise Him for continually making Himself known in my life!

My Pastor Said... ~ Christian Bible Study Blog (CBSB)  was perfectly in line with my post about the importance of studying scripture yourself. It also spoke encouragement to me that even Christian readers who disagree with certain aspects of my posts that God has enforced to me may not be coming from a spirit of truth but of misunderstanding and misleadings.

Having Confidence in God's Word ~ Christian Bible Study Blog (CBSB) was almost word-for-word the conversation my husband and I had last night after I had begun my recent journey on memorizing scripture and reading the Bible through in one year (which is discussed in the post set to publish two days from now...No More Excuses.)

The Virtuous Woman ~ Christian Bible Study Blog (CBSB) was the exact thought process I had while writing my Wife Calling Post and my Wife Challenge.

God the Parent ~ Christian Bible Study Blog (CBSB) reminded me so much of my Truth post and my But Why post since this is a revelation I have felt the Lord leading me to since the birth of my first son.

Food for thought: The Hedge Words We Use ~ Christian Bible Study Blog (CBSB) was just so perfect in so many ways. I have felt God leading me to continue to speak the truth, to not be fearful of other's opinions and accusations, to not water down the message of God in a way that could be "easily digested" by those who do not seek Him and this was exactly what I needed to hear! We need to make sure we are not afraid to offend others by our faith, that we stand firm in our convictions, that we do not make it seem a "personal" choice because, frankly, it is the ONLY one!

When I began this blog I could never have imagined the turn it would take from the very first post. To have God's affirmation and love throughout it all is more than I could have imagined. May my words continue to be HIS words, and may you hear His voice speaking the words on this screen into your hearts and minds with each and every post you read!

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  1. I love this...when you just know that He brought something to your ears or mind or heart...and you just know He meant it for you to take in.
    Thanks for sharing with NOBH...
    ~Kara @ The Chuppies


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