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Friday, November 18, 2011

Completion of the Bedroom Makeover: The R&R is back!

When I saw this challenge I said, "Bring It!" Well, let me tell you, it has already been "Brought-en!"  I hope you all saw my original post about bringing back the RandR and were following along with me at AMothersHeritage but if not here's your chance to catch up and do your own Master remodel!

Do you remember my awful BEFORE picture? Well here it is again...

 I am so proud (and my hubby is so thankful) to be able to show such an amazing after...


I re-arranged the furniture, made some new art work, and found some extra accessories laying around to complete this for a grand total of $0 and a lot of hard work! I can't wait to spend some time relaxing in our room for the first time since we moved into our home a year ago!

Here are Jenny's instructions for accomplishing your master make-over! I hope you enjoy as much as I did! Follow along with her as you Declutter, Deep Clean, Color Coordinate, Accessorize, and Enjoy and Maintain your haven (just 5 simple steps)!

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          1. Wow, that is an amazing transformation...and for FREE!!! I'll have to check out that link! :)


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