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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bringing Back the R&R...

During my blog hop I recently came across this wonderful challenge at A Mother's Heritage. I Think this is the perfect extension to my Wife Challenge! The first step to the challenge was, after all, creating an environment my hubby can THRIVE in. The other day I placed a mountainous pile of laundry on our bed. It was all part of trying to create less clutter for him to come home to. I didn't have time to fold it all, but I didn't want to just leave it sitting out, so I moved it out of our master bedroom. That's when I found myself thinking, "What husband doesn't want to come home to a nice surprise in bed?" Obviously, that was a completely sarcastic thought since there would be absolutely nothing nice (and particularly nothing romantic) about him coming home to a huge pile of laundry taking up our entire bed! Then I began to look around and saw the disaster that is our bedroom. Toys, papers, laundry, every single piece of clutter that I didn't want laying around in the open had been moved into our was pretty much the opposite of everything "Relaxing and Romantic". So I will take on her challenge as a part of mine! I will clear the clutter of our room. I will make it a restful haven. I will create in our room an environment that is worthy of my husband and encouraging to our marriage! Join her, and me, on this journey to create a place of peace, rest, relaxation, and refreshment (and hopefully get a little romance back in the process).

Can't wait to share the new, improved, less embarrassing after!


  1. i have to say that it is ENCOURAGING to see your mess :) I have joined the bedroom make-over and did take a picture of the before-NOT PRETTY. and little by little i am cleaning and organizing. maybe i'll go ahead and do a little post about the before.

  2. I have had SO many women tell me how nice it is to see their room is not the only one like this...and that is so encouraging to ME! As moms we always put ourselves last and our messy rooms are just evidence that we put everyone's comfort above our own. I can't wait to post my "after" (and I know my hubby appreciates this challenge as well!) It may take awhile but we'll get there! I can't wait to see your post!


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